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Monday, June 14, 2010

More Links

Here are a few links that might be of interest. If you are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, or very out of the ordinary you might find just what you want here! Enjoy!


The Church Cook

This came from my friend, Venessa. The blog is written by the church cook where they fellowship. There are some pretty fancy recipes here! Some look easier than others.


Grilled Cheese Academy

Some truly amazing grilled cheese sandwich recipes! You only thought you knew all there was to know about grilled cheese.


Traditional Scottish Recipes

No explanation required. :-)


Ethiopian Recipes

My family lived in Ethiopia for a short time when I was a very small. My parents learned to cook the food and it has been a special and important part of our family life ever since. Here is a web page that offers variety of Ethiopian recipes. The biggest trick to successful Ethiopian food is getting authentic spices (especially the beriberi) and rendered butter (done and spiced according to the Ethiopian method). If you have an Ethiopian restaurant near you, you may be able to purchase at least some of these things from them. (Note: I did not watch the video that is on this page, so I don’t know what the content might be like.)

This is an Ethiopian meal we made! :-)

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