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Friday, July 6, 2012

Just for Fun – Of Food and Kids

Stay at home meals - Seriously, as a kid and teen I mostly hated leftovers.  As a married woman with meals to get – I love them. :-)

My Mominator said we had to eat our peas too.

You always wondered…

Those unforgettable desserts. Have you ever remembered someone by the great dessert they brought to a dinner or picnic?  Have you ever had someone say to you, “Oh, yes.  I remember you.  You brought that [fabulous chocolate cake] to the __________ dinner”? :-)

The mother bug

Cleaning up the kid trail.  And again.

Speaking of messes…

Thankfully, my brother never thought of this…at least not to my knowledge.  Ahem.


"The age of your children is a key factor in how quickly you are served in a restaurant. We once had a waiter in Canada who said, 'Could I get you your check?' and we answered, 'How about the menu first?'"
Erma Bombeck

"In America, a parent puts food in front of a child and says, 'Eat it, it's good for you.'
In Europe, the parent says, 'Eat it. It's good!'"
John Levee

"Even when freshly washed and relieved of all obvious confections, children tend to be sticky."
Fran Lebowitz, journalist

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