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Friday, March 9, 2018

Sew Happy Friday - Tutorial for the Summer Camp Quilt from Jenny Doan

Here is another tutorial from Jenny Doan at the Missouri Star Quilt Co. This is a cute and easy quilt to make with 2" strips. This would be a good way to use up scraps. The way she shows it here the pattern would not be necessary, unless you need more detailed instructions for finishing it up. The diagram is linked below.

Here is the link for the diagram that she mentions.


  1. Hi Mary,
    I am very new to your blog, and as a Christian woman am so very pleased to have found it! I sent you an email stating my gratitude! Anyway, I am just starting to read your writings and I just read your hard question about if it is biblical for women to wear pants. BRAVO for you!!! That was wonderful because you refuted everything with scripture, that is so refreshing! How many times I have had people quote scripture incorrectly to me and with an unpleasant attitude about it. Or, tell me they don't believe what's in the bible, but of course they haven't read any of it. It's really very sad to see and hear Christians misinterpret the bible it leads to so many problems in life, of course satan loves this. They really need to prayed for that they get proper instruction on God's word. Your bible knowledge is astounding an I myself could never have answered her statements with the eloquence and knowledge that you did. A pleasure to read. thank you! Liza

    1. Hello, Liza. Welcome to The Cotton Apron. I did receive your email and hopefully I will get in answered soon. :-) Also, you can comment on any post you read and I will get the message in email and/or on my comments moderation page, so you don't have to look for the most recent post to leave a comment. :-)

      I'm glad you were blessed by that other article. Thank the Lord. I know it is very frustrating to hear people use the Bible incorrectly to make it say what they want it to say. It's sadly common. Some need proper instruction in God's word, truly, while other need a better attitude towards it. For my own part I sometimes read other lady's blogs and it is really disappointing how many will say things that are basically correct but there is not a verse of scripture in the whole post, or maybe there is just one. The impression given is that their opinions and views are more important than the words of God. This is tragic. I'm afraid many of them probably don't even realize how it appears.

    2. Hi Mary,
      Thank you for letting me know about being able to comment anywhere and that you would still receive it. You may get 2 comments from me here because I think I just sent it mistakenly while still typing it. ooopps!
      Anyway, I am in agreement about some Lady's blogs not containing scripture to support their statements, and that is why I was so drawn to yours. I really looked around at a lot of Christian homemaking blogs searching for one that would present homemaking as service to God, and how a Christian woman should live in relation to God and what his holy word says in all matters of life. I think your writings do this and I am blessed by it!
      I host a bible study at my home and the lady's in it are so special to me and some are very close friends. But even there we have had some discussions where it seems as if the women decide to pick and choose from the Bible as if it is a buffet, only choosing the parts they want to be obedient to. The topic that this is most prevalent in was in being submissive to your husband. No matter how many ways I tried to say the Lord's word is the final answer and we need to follow it, my answer was always the same..."it's easy for you Liza, you have a really nice husband". it was at that point I began to look online for Christian women's homemaking blogs in order to find if there was some other lady out there somewhere who follows God's word in the bible without omitting parts of it. Believe me I am constantly convicted by God's word, a sinner in need of my Lord's unending mercy, always trying and failing, knowing my strength needs to come from him, that I can do nothing without him because he is the vine and I am the branch, etc. But I also know that I can't decide what parts of his word I like and don't like, and that I need to strive to be all that he wants me to be, even if things in his word are hard for me. I think this is why the book of James is one of my favorite in the bible, he tells it like it is. When you use scripture in your writings, so do you! Thank you again!! Liza