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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sew Happy Saturday – Super Simple Layer Cake Quilt Tutorial


Here is a tutorial by Jenny Doan, my favorite online instructor, for a really easy quilt top using layer cakes (10” squares).  If you are a beginner or in a hurry to get a quilt done for a gift, this will go together quickly.  And, you don’t have to buy a layer cake to make this.  If you want to use yardage you can.  You will simply need to cut your own fabric into 10” squares.  As she says, a layer cake is about 2 3/4 yards of fabric, so that will give you an idea of how much to buy – I’d make a mix of yardage that equals 3 yards just to be safe. 

If you cut your own yardage you will have to work more with the blocks to make sure you don’t have like pieces touching, if that is a problem to you.  Sometimes I don’t mind having two fabrics of the same print right next to each other because I think it gives an interesting focal point, but that’s just my graphics design tendencies maybe. :-)  Also, make sure that you have a good variety of fabrics.  Think about trading with a friend or using good cotton scraps from other projects if you have them.

The Layer Cake Quilt Tutorial

You can put this top on a regular quilt back as she shows here, but you could also sew it to a large piece of fleece and make a nice cuddle quilt. In which case you might want to make it a bit smaller than a twin size.  These can be quilted, or you can tie them. :-)  (Yes, I do sometimes tie a quilt!)  Hopefully I’ll get a tutorial up on how to make a light cuddle quilt with fleece or flannel.


  1. I actually prefer to make my own layer cakes because I like to have the same pieces in them.

  2. I love the Missouri Star Quilt Company videos! I sometimes watch just for the company!

    1. Me too! :-) Jenny is kind of combination of the mothers of two of my childhood friends, so it feels like I know her when I watch her tutorials. :-)