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Friday, July 9, 2010

From My Kitchen Window

I have one window in my kitchen.  It is opposite the sink and counter where I work, so I don’t get to look out of it while I’m working much.  But, I do get to see interesting things from that vantage point from time to time. 

Actually, there is a sort of window over the kitchen sink, but it opens into the living room now since some former owner of this place made a large living room/sun room addition (a room for which I’m very thankful).  The window where I can see outside was originally the dining area window, so it is a full length window, though not wide.

Not everyone has the unique experience of having a peacock peeking in their kitchen window.  It was a bit startling at first, but he is really harmless, though apparently quite curious.

This bird is a stray that showed up at our neighbor’s house at some point.  She doesn’t know where he came from, though there are some other “wild” peacocks in the area.  She calls him “Petey”.

I think Petey first got interested in hanging around outside the kitchen window when I had birdseed in the feeder out there.  He seemed to think that it was for him. :-)  It *was* the perfect height!  (That is my parents’ grill on the left.  It was later moved to their deck.)

I haven’t seen him for some time now, but he was a regular visitor around here for quite a while.  He wandered with the neighbor’s guinea fowl, and seemed to think that he should show off for the females sometimes and that he was responsible to look out for the flock.

A female pea fowl – a peahen – showed up here this last spring, and sometime after that Petey stopped hanging around so much, although he was very interested in her at first.  She raised a brood of chicks (Petey’s??) under our bedroom window – and after hatching all 6 eggs managed to lose the whole lot within a day or so.  (There are a lot of small animal predators around this area, including feral cats.)

Here is Petey with the peahen as seen from my kitchen window.  (I have tried to refrain from naming her as I don’t want to get too attached to her!  I’m too sentimental to be getting attached to a stray peahen that doesn’t know who she belongs to!)

There has been another peacock around sometimes too, but he is not as friendly, or as nosey, as Petey! :-)


  1. What amazing creatures to have hanging around your yard. I've always been fascinated with the beauty of peacocks. They are so pretty!!

  2. That is so cool! We had a peafowl come the first year we moved here and she hung out for awhile and then left...

  3. Wow! God's creatures are so cool. A peacock out your kitchen window! How about that! :)

  4. Well, they may be amazing, and beautiful too, but they are not songbirds by any stretch of the imagination! When they scream it can be quite unnerving, and the last two mornings the peahen has been sleeping near our bedroom. In the morning (between 6:30 and 7 a.m.) when she decides to announce that she is "up for the day" she is a real pest! She gives us a serenade of honks, moans and a noise that is best described as sounding like a kazoo. If she doesn't quit this we may have to figure out a way to chase her off.