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Monday, February 7, 2011

New Uses for Everyday Items

A teapot I used as a vase.

New Uses for Serving Pieces – Appropriate those little used serving pieces for other jobs.

101 Uses for Everyday Things – A number of these items are technically “kitchen” items.  Some of the uses I question, but some are really useful.

50 All-Time Favorite New Uses for Old Items – Some non-kitchen things again, but a lot of interesting ideas.  (Note: I don’t think the stores would appreciate people collecting paint chips [or cards] for the purpose of making place cards.  I’m just saying…)

New Uses for Things In the Dining Room – There’s a little repetition here, but some good ideas too.  As regarding using a quilt as a table cloth, I suggest covering it with a piece of clear heavy vinyl cut the size of a table cloth.  You should be able to find this by the yard at a fabric store or Wal-mart.


  1. Hi Mary (I am Clara's cousin) and just found your link on her blog. What an excellent idea to use a teapot as a vase - I must have a look at those links to find other ideas.

    Are those your roses - I LOVE roses but struggle to grow them, not sure if it is the soil or the huge gum tree I have in the garden - while my neighbour has a beautiful selection (so I visit her and admire hers!!).


  2. Hi, Jo. I got the teapot vase idea from a friend who had received an artificial flower arrangement in a teapot. It worked well for fresh flowers also.

    I LOVE roses too. :-) The ones pictured are actually florist roses, but I have grown my own. We had lovely ones in Arizona, and some varieties grew well in Tennessee (if they were where the deer didn't eat them). Here in Texas I think it will be somewhat of a challenge because the soil is so alkaline, but apparently it can be done with amending to add more acid. I have a couple rose bushes started and my mom has two that are doing quite well. I would suspect the gum tree in your situation, but if it's the soil you might be able to correct it.

    Thanks for commenting here! :-)