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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random Meal – A lunch

Just for fun I thought I’d try to post an occasional meal “menu”. :o)

My lunch – Fried egg cooked with leftover chicken noodle stew (it was too thick to be soup ;-) ) made with whole grain pasta; baby carrots, and a slice of mozzarella with homemade orange marmalade on it.

My husband’s lunch – Cheese and home grown lettuce on whole grain bread, peanuts and raisins (or maybe it was dried cranberries), and a homemade granola bar.

What's for lunch at your house?


  1. We usually have fresh fruit, 1 oz or so of cheese per person, almonds or other nut, ham or turkey, and a side salad. Sometimes the kids have yogurt instead of meat and sometimes they have peanut butter and jelly.

  2. That sounds good. :-)

    I like flavoring my own yogurt so that I can use a better brand - at this point Dannon Plain All Natural, which is basically just milk and culture. It's really yummy with frozen blueberries in it because they thaw and mix in so nicely. :-)