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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Creatures Great and Small – Sasha the Siberian Husky


For a change I thought it would be fun to switch in some other photo subjects with the “Thousand Word Project” this year.  “Creatures Great and Small” will feature critters of all sorts.  Among other things, I’ll post pictures of our own pets both past and present.

This is Sasha.  We took her as a rescue dog last year and had her for several months.  She turned out to have a very strong killer instinct so she was not at all good for a farm dog.  She was very sweet and affectionate with us, but small animals and fowl were in danger of their lives.  Thankfully, we were able to find someone else who wanted her who had a better arrangement for her. :-)  We were sorry to lose her, but we were much sorrier to lose our chickens which are a source of food for us!

Aren’t her blue eyes beautiful?

She loved to be with the people even more than our other dogs do.

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