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Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Word of Explanation Regarding Scheduled Posts On this Blog


Awhile back, when scheduling blog posts ahead of time, I would set the “post date” and pick a time early in the morning for the post to go up.  It was rather random and didn’t reflect on actual times when I would be online at all.  My husband told me he thought I should set a specific time when scheduling posts and make it the same every time.  He pointed out that he looks at the time stamps on blog posts and if they were put up at 12:00 midnight regularly he knew they had been scheduled ahead of time.  If they had a random time stamp he assumed it had been posted at the time of writing.  He liked to be able to tell the difference.

In the spirit of the article I wrote on clouding the truth (Sad Truth) I acknowledged that he had a legitimate point and so I chose a time stamp for the scheduled posts.  You might have noticed that a lot of them have been going up at 1:11 AM.  :-)  I chose this particular time simply because I’m a somewhat lazy typist.  It is easier to type that into the date box on my blog compiler than to type in 12:00 AM. :-)

So, now you know the truth of the matter.  If you see any time stamp other than 1:11 AM, it’s safe to assume that I posted it at the time of writing. Exceptions would be when I forget to set the time part of the post date (ahem!) or the rare event that a post fails to go up automatically as it should.  (I’ve had to post some manually a few times when Blogger had a hiccup.)

We are planning to be away for about four weeks later this year on a rather long vacation, but during that time, Lord willing, there will still be blog posts going up.  I intend to schedule them ahead for that time (have already been working on it); and in the event that they fail to post, and if I happen to remember to keep track, I should be able to access my account where we are and post them manually if necessary.  I may even write a post or two while we’re away.  I can’t promise this will happen, though, since I don’t know what all we will be doing and I may be too interested in other things to remember or take the time. ;-)