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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

“Living Without the Greens” – Some Memories from the Past By My Dad


My Gramma “milking” by hand. 
I’m suspicious this picture was posed. :-)

My dad got inspired by that story that has been around for awhile now about the old lady who didn’t bring her own grocery bags from the store and was rebuked by the clerk at the check out counter.  The clerk blamed the lady and her generation for not caring for the earth properly. “That’s our problem today. Your generation did not care enough to save our environment for future generations.”

The original author of that piece waxed eloquent on that one pointing out all the ways that people “back then” didn’t “care for the environment”.  You know – things like using cloth diapers, walking instead of driving, hanging the laundry outside to dry, refilling pens and razors, etc.

Well, my dad read that piece, and reprinted it, then he added a lot of things from his own experiences in life.  There is a lot of food for thought here and I thought it was a very interesting read.  I hope you enjoy it too.

Living Without the Greens

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  1. I so enjoyed reading your Dad's words! I think my generation is so wasteful and despite all of our 'progress', I think we have lost much along the way.