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Friday, October 30, 2015

Sew Happy Friday – Placemats Made with 2½” Strips - Jelly Rolls


Photo property of sew4home.com.

Sometimes it isn’t easy to decide what to do with pre-cuts.  Jelly rolls, or 2½” strips, are especially challenging, in my opinion, because the size and shape limits the possibilities.  If you don’t want to make a whole quilt with strips, what to do?  Little projects are a good alternative, and these placemats are a very nice idea.  These would make a refreshing change for you décor or a nice gift. 

Here is the tutorial at sew4home:

Jelly Roll Strip Placemats


  1. What a lovely gift these would make - especially if they came with a runner and coasters.

    1. If you make some be sure to post them on your blog, please. :-)

  2. These would be so pretty! I wish I had time to sew. :)

    1. Well, maybe that's something to look forward to in another season of your life. :-) Not that I mean you look forward to being done with the present work before with your children, but only that each season has it's blessings and maybe that's one yet to come. :-)