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Friday, July 20, 2018

Sew Happy Friday - Vintage Doilies Made into a Banner or Garland - Tutorial

Do you have vintage doilies that you like but don't enjoy having them out because they make extra work for you? Here is a clever way to make them into a banner that can be hung up for decoration. You could use this all the time, or you could use it for parties or celebrations. Do be sure to sew the cut edges very well so they don't come apart. :-)

Vintage Doily Banner

Thanks to Lauren at My Wonderfully Made for this pretty project.


  1. Thanks for the sweet share! I'm so glad you like the banner. You know it's funny I posted this on Hometalk and some people were outraged that I'd cut up vintage doilies lol. I told them I wouldn't cut up any that were family heirlooms but have no problem using ones I find at sales.

    1. You're welcome. To each his own, as my Gramma would have said. I don't see a problem with cutting them up and using them. Another idea I've had is sewing one on the front of a sofa cushion, or even a quilt block. The thing to me is, even for heirlooms -- is it better for them to be stuffed away in a drawer or cupboard and never enjoyed? I don't think it is, so I figure, go ahead and find a way to use and enjoy them. :-)