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Thursday, March 3, 2011

From My Kitchen Window – Snow from Last Year

Last winter we had some snow here in February.  It lasted more than a day which is very unusual here.  I managed to take some pictures of it from my kitchen window.  I just thought I’d share some with you. :-)

I love to watch snow fall when there is not strong wind with it.  It is so peaceful and restful.  But, I don’t enjoy dealing with slippery roads and long winters, so I’m just as glad to live where we don’t get much. :-)

Here is some of the accumulation on the ground.  Just the right amount. :-)

This picture was obviously not taken out the kitchen window. 

Snow is so beautiful!  Have you ever looked at it close up?  Next time it snows a fine snow where you live take a magnifying glass and dark piece of fabric (a coat, a blanket, a towel, etc.) outside.  (Note, don’t take something from the warmest part of the house or it will take a few minutes for it to cool off enough not to melt the flakes almost instantly.)  Lay the fabric out and allow it to collect some flakes, then look at them through the glass.  They are gorgeous even with out a magnifying glass.  I enjoy photographing them if I can. 

Job 38:22 Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow? or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail,

(Note: In the context of the passage this is taken from it seems to me that the treasures of the snow and hail are storehouse type treasures.  This is an interesting thought to me.  God uses gold for street paving and treasures (stores up) snow and hail.  We humans sure don’t think like He does!  Isaiah 55:8-9)

That snow “storm” in February 2010 was a good excuse to make hot chocolate at my parents’ house.  My sister-in-law has a dandy machine for this that works really well.  She brought it up and made some for those of us who were home at the time.  You just add milk, chocolate chips and maybe a bit of sweetening depending on how dark your chocolate is.  Turn it on and in a short time you have yummy hot chocolate.

She still had melted snowflakes in her hair when I took this. :-)

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  1. Love the snow pics, Mary! God's creation (even the weather) is so amazing!!