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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

National Pretzel Day

My husband loves pretzels – soft or hard.  Since today is National Pretzel Day, I thought it would nice to share some photos of the pretzels he made for us last Thanksgiving.

For the past two years Peter has made a point of taking time to bake yeast bread on Thanksgiving weekend.  This is his annual baking fling, since it’s the only weekend in the year when he feels like he can take a real vacation and do something as time consuming as baking bread. :-)  And, the best part is that he is a good baker!

This past Thanksgiving weekend he made some yummy whole grain bread for our Thanksgiving meal (which we had on Friday) as well as the soft pretzels to share with the family on Thursday evening.

He wants to perfect his pretzel technique sometime and alter the recipe slightly.  Since I don’t know for sure what recipe he used, I won’t post it at this point, but I’m sure you can find some online that you might like to try.  My mom declared them the best soft pretzels she ever had, despite Peter’s hesitance. :-)  They were very good!

Here is a picture of the whole grain bread he made also:

By the way,  I’m going to try to remember to bake some frozen soft pretzels to go with dinner tonight.  They are not homemade, and not as good ingredient-wise, but Peter likes them and they taste good, especially with some butter on them. :-)

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