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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Little Home Maker In Training

Today is my niece’s seventh birthday (on U.S. time), so I thought it would be fun to put up some pictures of her.  She is an eager learner of cooking, along with other home making skills.  These pictures were taken at various ages and stages over the last few years.



Tea time for brother and friend.

Child Care


Ironing her dolly’s clothes.

Cleaning up the kitchen with her brother, Danny, and mama.

Making Home Pleasant


Growing in grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Happy Birthday, Dolly! :-) May you be a happy little home maker to your family again this year.


  1. Thank you, Mary. This is a beautiful post. I showed Dolly and just seeing this post written about herself has encouraged her to try even harder to be a Little Keeper at Home. So thank you so much for the encouragement - I think sometimes it helps to know others are watching and noticing - perhaps she didn't really realise that others do pay attention! :)

  2. What a beautiful collection of photos of Dolly growing up - she is becoming quite the little lady now that she is 7. I had a lovely time with Dolly and Danny in July, it was a really special trip and I enjoyed every minute. Dan and Clara looked after my every need and provided some wonder meals. Great holiday destination!

  3. I glad you enjoyed this, Jo. It was fun to put together. We really feel like we're missing out on seeing the kids grow up being so far away. I heard recently that the price to come over there has doubled since the time that Dan went over! Some of the meals Clara posts online do look fabulous. :-)

  4. Clara, tell Dolly that we Do notice and that we Are blessed to see her working hard to be a blessing to her family and friends as a Little Keeper at Home for the Lord Jesus. :-) Uncle Peter and I pray for her (and all of you) regularly.