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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Random Meal

Tonight my husband and I had:

Chicken breast with garlic, onion and sage seasoning.

A few pieces each of homegrown okra – cooked with the chicken.

A few black olives that needed to be finished off – also cooked with the chicken.

Tortillas, warm with butter.  (Tortillas were bought raw and home cooked, which is still way better than pre-cooked.)

Sugar baby watermelon – also homegrown.

It was a bit of an unusual combination, but I was busy baking, which overlapped the dinner preparation time somewhat.  I really needed to get the tortillas cooked and used up, as well as the okra.  The watermelon also needed to be finished off.  So, it was a little of this and a little of that. :-)  But, it was turned out well.  Warm, freshly cooked tortillas and butter are really good together too, by the way.

What was for dinner/supper at your house?

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