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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Thousand Word Project – Indian Corn



  1. Those are really interesting looking.... I've never seen this kind of corn in real life. The only multi-coloured corn I've seen here is the yellow and white kind.

    1. It's even more interesting in real life as some of it has a translucent quality to the colored surfaces hard to see in photos. You can see it a little on a pink ear. It's usually sold dry and used for decor, but it can be shucked and ground to make corn meal, though I don't know if it's all GMO now. Probably. Anyway, Dad ground some and Mom made cornbread out of it once years ago so we could get a better idea of what it was like for the Pilgrims when they ate it. I wonder if theirs was as bitter as what we had!

      Dad grew some Inca Corn (?) this summer and it was blue(ish) and yellow. We ate it like regular corn and it was OK.