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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Memories of Great Meals – Australian Originals


Meat pie – and Australian tradition.  (This one was store bought.)

Enjoying my piece of meat pie with sauce.


Sausage roll and sauce (we’d call it ketchup), another Aussie tradition.  (Also store bought.)





Damper, another original Australian food. 
Sorry it’s a blurry.  They were in a hurry to eat! :-)

Ground Kangaroo meat!

My brother cooking the ‘roo burgers on the “barby”. :-)

My ‘roo burger with pickled beetroot, and with grated carrot and cheese (something my sister-in-law’s mother liked to add to burgers).  Of all the Aussie originals that we tried, I think this was the best! :-) 

Of course, it wouldn’t have been right without sausages as well, so we had those too.  They were a bit different than American varieties of this type.  I liked them better, but they were still rather rich.


  1. The only thing missing from the hamburger was mayo!! Looks like you had some very typical Australian meals - hope you enjoyed them:))

    1. I enjoyed most of the Aussie foods we ate there. :-) I hope to post some other items later, which are not necessarily exclusively Australian.