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Friday, October 9, 2015

Sew Happy Friday–Attic Windows Made Easy (using a panel)


Here is a tutorial from Jenny Doan of the Missiouri Star Quilt Co. showing us how to make an attic windows quilt with a panel.  This method makes it easier than the traditional method.  It should be noted that it isn’t necessary to use a panel.  You could use any feature fabric you wanted.  You could fussy cut fabrics from a theme, or just about anything you want.  A pretty hand dyed fabric in sunset colors would make it look like a sunset outside the “window”. :-)

If you do use a panel, please check to see where any faces might fall in the quilt.  I saw one of these where the face of a deer was all cut into sections and it looked rather odd.  If the faces are going to be segmented, you may want to find a different panel, or adjust your block size to accommodate that.

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