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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Texas Wildflowers - Evening Primrose In the Morning

Evening primroses are one of my favorite wildflowers here. These are nice large flowers which bloom in our yard some years. This type grows very low to the ground and looks very much as if someone were shredding yellow tissue paper and had scattered the bits around the yard. I am not sure exactly which type this one is, as there are several.

Sometimes on very cool mornings, evening primroses will still be gorgeous for awhile after the sun comes up. I took these photos on such a morning.

"Scattered tissue."


  1. We have a similar plant here, but with much taller stem. So pretty.

    1. I am not confident what the specific name is of these evening primroses. There are different varieties in different parts of the U.S. I'm glad you enjoyed them. We actually didn't have any bloom this year, which was quite disappointing. I hope it was a fluke of the weather and we'll have them again next spring.