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Friday, September 1, 2017

Writing Challenge #8

Well, as you no doubt know if you've been around here any length of time, I love poetry. So, it would hardly be acceptable for me not to include some challenges relating to poetry. Since I consider nature one of the easier subjects to address, we'll start here.


Write a poem about something in nature.


It can be anything in nature.

It can be as short as you like.

It doesn't have to rhyme.

Personally I prefer rhyming poetry for the most part, but it is up to you in this case since it is your poem and this isn't school. :-)

Here is an example of a poem I wrote on something in nature: The Reflecting Tree.

I will try to do this challenge this month also, but I wanted to include this example now. Please don't assume this will be easy for me. I tend to only write poetry when the right mood hits me, so it's uncertain if I'll be able to work myself into that mood for this challenge or not. haha


Painting in logo: Faraway Thoughts by Langley Walters


  1. Hello Mary E. Stevens, I like your poem about nature and Jesus. Beautiful. You've met your challenge, I'd say. This is my first time visiting your blog. I am a Christian homemaker, too.

    1. Hello, Karen. Welcome to the Cotton Apron. I'm so glad you visited. I'm thankful that you enjoyed the poem also. I'll go and check out your page too. :-)