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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Random April List


Source unknown
I love this picture.  You will probably see it again.

Lately I have been…

Making : plans for a trip at an uncertain date in the nearish future.
Cooking : leftovers – woohoo!  It’s great to have leftovers for a busy week!

Reading: Wells Brothers: Young Cattle Kings by Andy Adams.  Not sure if I like it or not, but it’s quite informative regarding early ranching.

Wanting: to get some things done this week so I don’t have to think about them again.

Looking: forward to getting “the project” done. :-)

Playing: Words with Friends.

Learning: HTLM

Deciding: how to rearrange a storage and utility room so that the shelves in there can be better utilized.

Wishing: that I felt a little better than I do at the present time.

Enjoying: time with my husband.

Waiting: for the dryer to get done.  Since it tends to overheat sometimes, I have to run it in short segments often to get a load done.  But, it still works, so hey…

Liking: to rearrange some of our décor.

Wondering: how the project we’re taking on will turn out.

Loving: getting pretty good sleep at night.

Pondering: how the practices of “Biblical Patriarchy” redefine their beliefs in comparison with what they claim to believe.  Something we should consider for ourselves as well.

Watching: some documentaries, sewing and baking videos and things relating to “patriarchy”.

Hoping: that our upcoming trip will turn out well. 

Marveling: at the abundance of wildflowers this year!  It has been truly amazing to see God’s art work.

Needing: to let God work things out.

Smelling: wildflowers and fresh spring smells.

Considering: getting rid of more things and scaling back some of my hobbies.

Wearing: work clothes as I try to get various messier jobs done.

Noticing: that it’s harder to write email than most other things. :-/

Knowing: that something good will come from the present challenges.

Thinking: about reducing the amount of décor in our house so that it takes less cleaning time and I have more time for more important or interesting things.

Feeling: a bit overwhelmed.

Admiring: the colors of the wildflowers.

Buying: stuff to help me deal with some physical struggles.

Laughing: at our silly cat. :-)

Bookmarking: things for potential blog posts.


Sleeping in a kindling box.


  1. Love the photo of your cat, aren't they funny creatures:)))) and your wild flowers are beautiful. You sound like a busy lady, I've been busy going though winter clothes in preparation for winter and discovered silverfish had nibbled one of my favourite jumpers :( Hopefully I have got rid if them as I don't want anything else eaten.

    1. It probably sounds like I'm busier than I am. :-) I do take breaks and some things don't require as much work as it might sound in print. But, I was tired today, so I'll need to pace myself better as we come up on the trip date.

      I hate silverfish. I found one in our garage one day, but it's the only one I've seen so far, so I'm not sure what to think. I've been going through summer clothes and thinking to get rid of some things that I haven't worn recently, don't fit or are just plain worn out. :-)

  2. Hi, Mary,
    Your pictures are so pretty! I also like the painting.
    Your kitty is so cute. I find our pets in all sorts of funny places. :-)
    Last year I noticed my dryer was overheating, so my husband checked out the vent, and something had nearly blocked it completely with a nest!
    I'm very sorry you haven't been feeling well. I will pray for you!
    Take care. :-)

    1. Thank you. I don't think our dryer vent is the problem. It was cleaned out at one point and the dryer still did that. Also, it seems random. I don't think it does it all the time, but I never know when it will. I try to remember to never run either washer or dryer when I'm not in the house!

      Thanks for praying. I've been having trouble with an old tailbone injury for one thing, and it's a little concerning as we face a long trip. :-/ Allergies are bad here right now too. It's very dry in our area. Lots of stuff in the air.

  3. I know you don't need to add another item to that very long list, but I've got one: slow down. :) You have so much on your plate and its good to see how you recognize God's hand in all of it. Know that you are in my prayers. I think I need a nap after reading this. LOL

    1. Thanks for praying and for the reminder! As I said in another comment, it probably sounds like I'm busier than I actually am. :-) I do just "cool my heels" sometimes. I need to make a point of taking a nap every day, though, for awhile here leading up to our trip; as well as pacing myself and leaving the unnecessary things undone.