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Friday, July 25, 2014

Sew Happy Friday – Disappearing Hour Glass

I have to admit, Jenny Doan at the Missouri Star Quilt Company still fools me from time to time.  I’ll see a video with a complicated quilt behind her and I’ll think there is no way she can make that easy, and then I watch it and she does.  Don’t let the quilt behind her in this one fool you.  She did figure out how to make it without cutting all those itty bitty pieces! :-)


  1. I use to look at quilts and wonder how they do all those small bits but since reading up on this and attending my quilting class I and discovering it is often an illusion!!

    1. When I first got interested in quilting years ago I think most of it was done by cutting small pieces, which is one reason that I didn't get into it more then. I like the shortcut, illusion methods a lot better and am more challenged to try them out. :-) Now if I could just get my momentum up!