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Friday, August 15, 2014

Sew Happy Friday – An Easy Tablecloth


The O’Neil sisters at Running with Sisters posted this really easy tutorial for making a tablecloth.  Since fabric wide enough for the average square or rectangular tablecloth is often more expensive and not as common, they came up with a neat idea for using regular 44” fabric (or anything close to that) by cutting it and putting a “runner” down the middle.  I think it looks very nice, and I think this project would qualify for a beginner level too.

This could be done in any fabrics that you think would go in your dining room, and you can easily switch the solid and print around or use two complimenting prints.  An added bonus is that it wouldn’t be hard to size this for smaller or much larger tables.  You’d just need to do the math to know how much fabric to buy.  Wide tables might pose a problem, but the center strip could be cut wider in that case.  I’d like to try this pattern with some strawberry fabric. :-)

One thing I’d do, though, is tuck in the raw edges of the hem so that it would last longer and wouldn’t develop “strings” hanging down around the edges after washing.  The mitered corner would have to be adjusted slightly, but I don’t think it would be that hard to figure out.  If you have a serger, you could just finish the edges with that before hemming.

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