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Friday, August 1, 2014

Sew Happy Friday – Prewashing Trims


Should you prewash trims?  This is something that I think varies depending on the trim and what you plan to do with it. 

Last year sometime I started working on a jumper (pinafore).  It is a light pink with cherries and strawberries on it and I wanted to add some red bias tape trim as a contrast.  When I got the bias tape out I looked at the vivid color, and thinking about how reds sometimes run pretty badly, I decided maybe I should prewash it.  The packaging had a “guarantee” on it to the effect that this bias tape was “colorfast” and if it ran and ruined a project the manufacturer would pay for the materials.  Well, I’m a skeptic on some things and that was one of them.  I decided to prewash that bias tape anyway.

Good thing I did!

Yeah.  That doesn’t look colorfast to me either.

Here’s my bowl of pretty rosy water.

My jumper would have been ruined for sure.  I wonder if their guarantee is as lousy as their “colorfast” dye?  Good thing I didn’t have to find out!


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