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Friday, May 1, 2015

Sew Happy Friday- How to Make Hair Scrunchies and A Towel Hair Wrap

Operation Summer Hair Rescue Part 1 - How To Make Scrunchies

Here’s a tutorial from Ikatbag.com for making hair scrunchies.  Yes, some of us wear hair scrunchies still.  Some of us never quit!  Mine are a very essential part of my routine and/or accessories every day.  [Photo property of LiEr at Ikatbag.com)  This method is better than the method I used in the past.  I think it looks a bit more finished.


Towel Wrap for Your Hair – at SkipToMyLou.org

My sister-in-law gave me one these that she had bought at some point and didn’t use any more.  It worked well enough for me, and I liked it, but I don’t keep my hair up in a towel for very long after a shower, and so I concluded that it wasn’t worth having the extra item in our bathroom (not much storage).  However, they are useful items, and in case any of my readers would like to make one, here is tutorial.  They are simple to make, and you could easily up-cycle a bath or beach towel that is getting a little frayed around the edges into one of these.

Photograph property of SkipToMyLou.org


  1. The towel is something that comes in handy when you have long hair :)

    1. I'm sure it would be. Mine is medium length and if I keep it wrapped up too long while it's drying it will get "bent" that way and be hard to manage. :-)

  2. These are useful tutorials - Dolly might like to try the scrunchies! I don't like keeping my hair wrapped for too long either (seems to just make it more knotty), but the hair towel does look handy for those who do.

    1. I hope Holly likes the scrunchies. I use them all the time, but all of mine are store bought at the moment. I might need to make some myself. :-)