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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Creatures Great and Small – Flighty Things



  1. Oh my! Your pictures are amazing! I tried to get some close-up pictures today of my zinnias and they wouldn't hold still enough for me to get a clear picture. And it wasn't even all that windy! I have a long way to go in my picture-taking abilities. You seem to have hit perfection. :^)

    1. Thank you! Honestly, I haven't hit perfection. :-) I've been working on photography for over 20 years now and digital cameras are a big help, but I usually take at least several pictures of each shot, and often many, many pictures. Then I pick out the one that looks the best or that I want. Finally, I usually edit them with programs like Picasa (a free program you can download online) or Photo Shop which is expensive, but also powerful. I think all three of the photos above were at least cropped, which made a big difference. I have had a couple good cameras which make that possible. (I've been blessed in that all of these expensive items were given to me as gifts!) :-)

      When taking photos of flowers and most things outdoors, I use the action setting on my camera most of the time because of the very issue you had with the zinnias. It is seldom still enough outside to use other settings, plus it helps a little with the hand steadiness. Sometimes I even rest my camera or arm on something solid to take the picture. Give these a try and see if it helps your issues. Some of it depends on how fast a shutter speed you camera has and whether you can adjust it. And don't be discouraged. Practice and persistence to pay off. :-)