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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Creatures Great and Small - An Unusual Adventure with A Snail

I realize this is not my usual sort of photo blog, but how often do you see a snail "doing his daily business" (as my grandpa would have called it)?  We have a lot of snails where we live in Texas, especially in damp times of the year.  This one was on our sliding glass door several years ago and I took a series of pictures, which happened to catch him doing a little....er, housekeeping.  I thought it was very interesting to see a snail from the underside.

A snail upon my windowpane,
Doing his business in the rain,
Boring and ugly though he be,
This - a very strange sight to see.


Here he is squishing himself back up inside of his shell.


  1. How fascinating!!
    We don't have snails here at all - we did in NSW though... in abundance!

    1. The snails here are large! The ones we had in Tennessee were smaller, and I don't remember having them in Arizona. Probably too dry. Dad has learned that these snails are actually edible and some people consider them better than the French variety, however, it's some work to prepare them to be eaten and most of us would have to be a bit desperate to do so! :-) I tried escargot once and didn't like it.