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Friday, November 10, 2017

Just to Let You Know...Internet Problems

I wanted to let you know that we have been having some trouble with our Internet connection. It has been going completely off, or becoming so slow that it is impossible to post things here. This was the cause for my delay in getting last Sunday's post up. It was ready Saturday night, but connection was too lousy to get the whole job done. It posted fine to the Home Maker's Corner in the late afternoon, but by evening when I was setting up the post here it was too slow.

So, if I fail to get a post up at a usual time, it may be that my internet is just too slow or completely off. I did miss one post in October due to health, but for the most part it is a problem of connectivity.

I do have some posts pre-scheduled through the beginning of January, so, Lord willing those at least will go up without interference, although there’s still no guarantee. :-) 

We do have another option that might be somewhat more reliable, but it is a significant increase in price, so we haven’t made the decision to switch yet. We have called our present provider more than once and they "pretend" to make repairs, but we've come to the conclusion that they need to replace a major piece of line and they don't want to do it, so... We live on a country road with low population compared to the larger housing developments being built in our general area, so we are very low priority out here!

Thanks for you patience in this.

P.S. I realized I should add a thought. One thing I need to do is to make sure to do my internet chores when it's actually working. We tend to get used to things being a certain way and grow to depend upon it always being that way. I know people in other countries and situations sometimes don't have power or water all of the time, so they learn to do the chores and stuff that require those things when they do have it. I just need to make sure I do my blogging and web page work when I can. :-)

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