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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sew Happy Saturday – Something New for the New Year


(Working on my wedding skirt about 5 years - and quite a few pounds - ago.  Ahem!)

Well, I’ve been thinking about adding some sewing related posts to my blog this year, and this was the name I settled on.  I do not promise that it will be every Saturday, but we will see how it goes.  I want to post at least some things.  The sewing subjects will vary – clothing, crafts, quilting, items of interest (historical and otherwise), links, etc.  There may be some tutorials – if I can manage to write them out.  Some things will probably be in my typical fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants style. :-)  And, just so you know, I actually don’t sew much ON Saturday.  My husband is home from work that day and usually I don’t cut in on his time here by sewing. :-)  But, I liked the name and it doesn’t really matter what day the posts go up.

Sewing is one of my hobbies, but it is also somewhat essential since there have been times when I really couldn’t find many clothes to buy ready made that I liked and that met my requirements.  I enjoy making simple clothing and craft and quilt projects that don’t require cutting and sewing many small pieces. :-)  For the craft and quilt projects I tend make my own designs, though I do get inspiration from other people’s designs and ideas.  I seldom ever follow a pattern exactly, except for clothing and even then I do things the way I’m used to and make adjustments as needed.

I actually started sewing by hand.  My mom taught me some embroidery when I was perhaps 8.  From there I learned to sew simple running stitch seams and I proceeded to design and sew some of my own doll clothes – such as they were. :-)  I was more interested in embroidery and counted cross stitch for some time, but sewing actual clothing eventually came along. 

I’ve been sewing on a machine since I was about 14 or 15 years old.  My early sewing with a machine was, of course, simple – I remember a couple skirts in particular.  I was always one to bite off more than I could chew, though, so it wasn’t too long before I started branching out into projects that, frankly, I wouldn’t particularly want to do now that I’ve been sewing for so many years. :-)  Youth is sometimes blissfully ignorant, but sometimes it does work to our advantage because I did manage to make some quite nice things in spite of the fact that I was in way over my head.  Or, maybe I’m just getting lazy in my “old age”.  More likely, I have too many projects that I want to get done besides my regular responsibilities. ;-)

I hope the sewing posts will be interesting to someone besides myself.  I know some ladies won’t get much use from them, but it is a significant part of my life and I really don’t want to start another whole blog just for that – at least not at this point in time.  Since sewing and quilting are growing in popularity lately, I hope that it will be a help to some of my readers. :-)


P.S. I didn’t check the name till after I’d written this, but I did find one other instance of it is use.  Oh, well.  With this many people running around on earth there’s bound to be overlap in ideas. :-)  Who knows, I might have even seen it mentioned somewhere and forgot the source.


  1. OOOOOOOOOOOH! I am excited about this! I have a set of identical twins with Down Syndrome! They are short and "round"...It's very hard to find clothes that fit them correctly-ESPECIALLY pants. I was wondering when you hem pants do you hem them so they are a tad longer in the back or just straight across? Does that make sense???? I sewed in high school and loved it! But the hemming.....well I just didn't spend enough ~if any~ time at all on that!

    1. Generally I think you make them straight across, however, adjustments can be made for any figure. I'd recommend trying the pants on the kids and making the hem where you think they will look best. My Grandma had to adjust the hems on many of her skirts to be longer in the back so that they would hang straight on her figure.

      When you're making pants from a pattern, I recommend that you make a test garment first with cheap fabric and try it on and make adjustments where they are needed. Be sure to baste it together so that you can easily take it apart and use it for a pattern if you need to - if your adjustments are great enough to need this, in other words.

  2. I'll enjoy this, Mary! (You already knew that, I'm sure! ;) ) I started out sewing when I was a child too (don't remember what age) - I "sewed" some very dodgy "clothes" for my dolls - i wonder if most little girls who sew start out doing that?? Dolly's done that too! :D Haha!

    1. Yes, I knew you'd enjoy this. :-) It seems like Mom might have mentioned making doll clothes, I can't remember now. I know Grandma V. said she made doll clothes for her dolls. I guess it's a great "tradition". :-) Probably most of what I made was sorry looking too, but I was quite impressed with it as I recall. LOL :-)