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Friday, July 11, 2014

Berry Fun Friday – Fun Strawberry Fabrics


[In order to keep my posts on Saturday from piling up, I’ve decided to move the sewing and strawberry posts to Friday.  This will also give my readers the opportunity to do some of the projects over the weekend, if they want to.]

Here is a small collection of fun strawberry fabrics that are available now.  I have some of them and other I just think are quite cute.  (This post is not subsidized by Fabric.com, nor requested by them.)

As far as I can recall, this is the most recent strawberry fabric that I’ve purchased.  The strawberries were bigger than I thought because I didn’t pay enough attention to the ruler, but I like it and it will make some fun small project.  (source)

This flannel is very cheerful and would make cute winter things for little girls, or playful detailing for a ladies’ garment. (pink & white)

I have some of this fabric too.  It’s so pretty and bright.  At first I thought I’d make an apron, but I realized all that white would soil very easily.  I have at least one project in mind where I want to incorporate some of this.  (source)

Although these last two fabrics don’t appear to match in color in the pictures, they are from the same set and do go together.  I have some of this also and have at least one project in mind for some of it.  (source)

If when I get some of these projects done I hope I’ll remember to share some with you. :-)  In the mean time, you can enjoy the eye candy or even purchase some for to work with yourself if you like it (provided they aren’t out of stock).  (Once the fabrics are no longer offered by fabric.com the pictures will disappear.)

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  1. My friend Sue and I put in our first order of quilting fabric from Hawthorne Threads in the US (much cheaper than Australia). We are both very excited about the fabrics we selected and can't wait until they arrive. There was just so much fabric to select from making it really difficult!! These strawberries are lovely.