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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Monthly Challenge - February 2016

Children in a Spring Forest with Anemones in Bloom by Hans Andersen Brendekilde

Time for our February challenge.  I can't believe that January is over already.  We've had a very mild winter and February signals the start of early spring in Central Texas, so there isn't much time left for real winter weather here.  (I've already seen butterflies!)

How did you do with the January challenge?  I was really happy that I was able to get them both done, especially since I completely dropped the program in December and still haven't accomplished those challenges! (Ack.  We did have plans to take some friends out to eat, but it fell through, and I just never made the phone call I intended to make.  I know.  I really flubbed on that one!)

This month we're going to to keep it fairly simple because it's a short month.



Take a walk with a friend or pet.


Watch a favorite uplifting movie or documentary with someone you love.


This challenge should provide opportunities for everyone - those in climates that are pleasant or warm now, and those who are maybe buried in snow. :-)

I included walking with a pet because the reality of life is that there are some people who don't have many options for walking with friends.  I know that might seem strange to some of you, but it's a sad truth, and a sad commentary, on our world today.  Maybe you can think of someone of your acquaintance who may be feeling lonely that you could go walk with this month.  Sometimes single people and the elderly don't have friends with whom they can walk.

Watching something uplifting just makes sense.  Winter is still here in the northern hemisphere and in some places, even where there isn't snow, it may not be pleasant to be outside some days.  In the southern hemisphere it may be too warm to walk outside in places.  But, anyone who is reading this online should have the means to watch something uplifting - hopefully, with someone you love. :-)


  1. Although my husband's 'walking' is now in a wheelchair, we still get out together and enjoy our lovely countryside here. We also spend many evenings watching his huge collection of opera DVDs.

    1. Well, this should be an extra easy challenge for you, then. :-) Enjoy!

  2. Cute blog! I came over from Stephanie's blog.
    I love your challenge idea. How fun. I might just have to join while you are offering an easy one...lol

    1. Hello! Thank you and welcome to the Cotton Apron.
      I hope you enjoy doing the challenge, if you do. :-)