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Friday, May 12, 2017

Sew Happy Friday - Gift Bag Using Fabric Strips

Here's a tutorial for making a gift bag with 2 1/2" strips of fabric. You can use leftover strips from a jelly roll (pre-cut), or you can use ones that you cut yourself.

As some of my readers know, we don't celebrate Christmas, but this gift bag could be used in a lot of different ways. It would make a great bag for carrying small hand projects when traveling or visiting. It could be used as a "pajama pillow" for kids to store their p.j.s or nightgowns neatly during the day. It could be useful as gift bag for any occasion. (I think it would be nice with a scarf in it for a lady - Mother's Day, graduation, gifts for bride's maids, bridal shower, birthday, etc.)

One thing I want to note here: Vanessa used a Frixion pen for drawing the lines on the outside ("pretty side") surface of her bag. A friend and I have both found that sometimes Frixion pens will take out the color of the fabric when they are ironed to remove the ink. Although the disappearing ink which becomes invisible when touched with a hot iron has it's uses in sewing and quilting, we recommend that you only use it in areas where it will be hidden inside from view (like when she marks the corners on the inside). The pens are handy and you certainly can go ahead and use it the way that Vanessa does, but just know you may see faded lines when you iron it. However, if you are careful to sew directly on those lines they will be less visible, or perhaps not show at all.

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