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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just for Fun – Dear Mom, There Are Some Things I Love About You…


An old picture of my mom and me working together.


Here are some Baby Blues comics to enjoy today. :-)

The precious junk you kept over the years.

Your sentimentality over the little things.

The exciting life you lived.

Your brain capacity.

Your great sense of moment.

Your ability to cope.

Your code of honor.

Your confidence that we would finally get it right someday.

Your steel trap mind.

Your time management skills.

Your honesty.

Your team spirit.

Your ability to read between the lines.

Your unique perspective.

Your ability to extract information.

Your business management skills.

Your ability to take good advice.

Your great sense of humor.

[This list got kind of long, but I was having a great time, and I think my mom will appreciate my efforts. ;-) ]

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