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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Random Acts of Blogging – A Few Items to Encourage and Inspire


(As usual – disclaimer on some content on these links and probably many of the ads.)

The King James Bible is still the most read Bible in the U.S. – even after years of being told we “need a better translation” and having new “Bibles” vigorously promoted to us.

Temar Boggs tells how he and his friend followed a kidnapper until he got nervous and released the little girl he had taken.

Pet owners rejoice, your pet can benefit your health. :-)

Amazing alpine snow art in France started out as one man’s exercise program and grew into an amazing art form.

Tulip time in Anna Paulowna, the Netherlands. (The first page is better than the second.)  Great inspiration for quilting!

And, a photo from my own collection:

Monarda citridora – Lemon Bee Balm (also called Horsemint).

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