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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sew Happy Saturday – Thinking About Travel


We’re planning a trip and I’ve been thinking about what we could use or would need for traveling.  In searching for some (preferably free) patterns for making bags, wallets and such I came across a few that seemed like they might be useful. 

Shoe bags seem like they might be a good idea, if there’s time to make some.  If not, I’ll use the usual plastic grocery bags that we get at the stores.

A passport cover also seems like a good idea.  I like this travel wallet better, though because it has a long strap.  I can wear it under my jumper (pinafore) if need be.  Also it could carry more than just the passports.

I probably wouldn’t make this bag organizer, but it’s a good idea for traveling.

This one strap bag looks like it might a good carry on bag.

This travel duffel looks useful too, but the pattern is not free.  It also looks like it could be easily overloaded – for me. :-)

I’ve been needing a new wallet and have been thinking that making my own might result in something lighter weight.  Since my purse has become too heavy lately (don’t ask me how) I think it’s probably time to knuckle down and find a way to really lighten it.  This was the only free wallet pattern that I really liked, but it still seems a bit fussy. (You can download the PDF.)  I’m not sure about it yet. (Yeah, the fabric in the illustration is not my style!)

How much of this will I get done before we leave?  Quite possibly not any, but it does give me ideas and there a couple of things at least that I’d really like to try to make. :-)

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