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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Food Memories – Experiences with Chop Suey


Grandpa and Gramma in their yard at Gull Lake.
This was taken a few years before this story starts.

Gramma’s birthday was February 21st, so this seems like an appropriate post for this week.

Experiences with Chop Suey

Back in the "dear dead days" not quite beyond recall, we used to enjoy visits to Gramma's house at Gull Lake a number of times each year. These mostly occurred during good driving weather - spring, summer and fall - with an occasional trip during the winter. (Since Gramma's house was so small, I think we tended to avoid winter visits and she came to us during that season more than we went to her.)

During the years I am referring to we lived exactly 80 miles north of Gramma's house.  (She figured this out herself on one of her trips, though I don't remember which of the two routes she took.) Consequently, our visits to her usually involved at least two meals, a lunch and a supper, or dinner if you will. Of course, it was more if we stayed over night…

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