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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Berry Fun Saturday – Strawberry Protectors


Here are some instructions for making strawberry protectors from rocks.  After painting these little pretties, the idea is to place them in your strawberry beds around the plants so that they look like real berries.  The writer didn’t know why they would work, but I’m thinking that with birds, at least, the trick is that when they try to take a bite they realize that it’s fake and then leave the rest of the berries – real and fake – alone.  I’m not sure it would discourage the pests that eat our strawberries, which seem to be primarily bugs.

However, I thought this idea would work equally well for decorating.  If you can find some nice strawberry shaped rocks and you have some craft paint on hand it would be a fun and inexpensive summer project.  Just make sure you don’t take someone’s paid-for rocks without permission!  Perhaps you could make fridge magnets or a rustic basketful of “berries”.  :-)

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