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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Biscuit Cinnamon Sticky Buns


Some time ago my husband made these cinnamon sticky rolls at my request.  He used his usual biscuit recipe, made them into cinnamon rolls and we put them in a pan that had melted butter, brown sugar and pecans in the bottom to bake.  (We used a 9X9 pan, but a 9X13 would have worked much better.  More below on that.)  We used them for a brunch, but they would be great for breakfast, tea or coffee time.

First he rolled the biscuit dough out in a rectangle.  (I suppose you could do this with canned biscuits too.)

He buttered the top surface, sprinkled it with cinnamon and sugar, rolled it up and cut it into enough biscuits to fit into the pan. 

We put them in a pan which had melted butter, brown sugar and nuts sprinkled in the bottom (which becomes the topping when you take them out of the pan).  You could do some variations on this.  Add some dried fruits of your choice.  Add coconut or use it instead of the nuts.  It might even be possible to use some apple pie filling mixed into the topping!  Yum.

NOTE:  We had them too thick because we used a 9X9 pan.  He should have cut them thinner and we should have put them in a 9X13 pan because the outsides got done before the insides, so we couldn’t get them fully done.

I don’t know how long we baked them as we were having a little trouble getting them done.  When you remove them from the oven invert the pan onto a heat proof plate or platter.

They were delicious!  Sometime we need to try them again in a larger pan. :-)


  1. That is clever putting the top on the bottom!! A much quicker solution. looks so yummy.

    1. I got the idea from some rolls my Gramma Hoover used to make in muffin tins. :-)

  2. I make a similar recipe, although I cheat and use canned biscuits. Its the only thing I buy canned biscuits for. My crew loves them, but I ought to take your lead and make the dough from scratch - always so much better!.

    1. From scratch usually is better, but I can appreciate you're taking the short cut when cooking for a "crowd". :-)