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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Random List of December Things


Lately I’ve been:

Making: progress on my sewing room
Cooking: extra food to get ahead on meal preparation
Reading: the book of Ezekiel, which has some fascinating things in it
Marveling: at some of the things God showed and told Ezekiel
Wanting: to carve out some time for sewing and crafting
Looking: at fabric sales
Playing: Snap Attack
Deciding: how to better organize my sewing room
Wishing: I’d done more grocery shopping over a week ago when I was out.  Now I may have to shop in a holiday week. :-P
Enjoying: Pumpernickel bread, family time and having an occasional fire in the woodstove (but not in that order)

Waiting: on the Lord to answer some pretty complicated prayer requests
Liking: that I finished my challenge to get rid of 365 things this year!!  And, I went a little over and even finished ahead of time! :-)
Wondering: how bad “cedar season” will be this year
Loving: being able to be a little more busy and involved with other people without serious negative health effects
Pondering: the image that the Duggar family is giving the world and why it seems false or unbiblical to me
Considering: which projects to work on next
Watching: thought-provoking videos on relationships
Hoping: to get some sewing done!
Needing: to get the house ready for company and catch up on email
Smelling: the winter woods and freshly shredded cedar
Wearing: leggings and leg warmers to keep my legs warm
Noticing: how things could possibly be painted in watercolor
Knowing: that I need to reorganize and/or rethink some of my interests/hobbies
Thinking: about various writing projects
Admiring: the beautiful, rich greens and blues on the peacocks
Buying: a couple new bath towels in lovely colors
Getting: older
Opening: some new thoughts and ideas of things I’d like to do in the near future
Giggling: at my own and my husband’s silly jokes
Feeling: the need to take full advantage of sunny days!

Our cat loves the extra “blankets” she sometimes finds on the couch this time of year. :-)


  1. You have a lot on your list :)) the Duggars worry me to and I'm also concerned about all their young followers, in particular young women.

    Cute kitty :)))

    1. Jo, I am concerned about the Duggars and their influence too! I've been doing research on them off and on for some time now and lately have been working on bringing it together into an article. It still needs a lot of work before it can go public, but that's one goal for 2015, Lord willing!

    2. I look forward to reading it because I have a feeling we are on the same page with our thoughts on this topic. Hero worshipping is what springs to mind :(

    3. Hero worshipping is a good description. I hadn't used that exact term in thinking about it, so thanks for that. It describes well some of the issues that disturb me!

  2. Read your list and I am going to try getting rid of 52 things this next year--that is an achievable goal, I think. I also think I might be a hoarder--not one on a health-hazard level, but I have certainly come across things that should have been tossed decades (I am not exaggerating) ago. Also, LOVE the cat pic! And, too, the Duggars give me concern. We need to be witnesses to the world and those people are not helping.

    1. I hope that goes well for you. It was a good feeling to see things leaving the house that were not needed, and sometimes not even very useful! I come from a family with hoarder tendencies. Not in the health hazard way either, but more from living in survival mode on the missionfield and such. I hope to keep on getting rid of things this year, but I'm not sure I'll keep track of it all.

      I think the Duggars imagine they are being a witness from what I've heard them say in interviews and such. I think that in part, they don't realize how little of Christ really comes through on their regular program. Not that that's an excuse. If they watched it themselves with a really critical eye they should be able to see the problem. But, there are host of issues surrounding their whole image and teachings.