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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sew Happy Saturday – Tips for Finding Fabric and Other Items


Here is a great blog post by Ros over at Sew Delicious about how to find good prices for fabric and other sewing supplies.  This is definitely a good read for ideas if you want to conserve money and still enjoy sewing and quilting.

Think also about new or newish clothing at garage/yard sales (rummage sales).  Some people will offer clothing at a set price for however much you can stuff into a bag.  Look for good woven cotton clothing (dresses, skirt, shirts, etc.) that can be cut up into quilt pieces or other sewing or crafting projects.

Also, I like to use plain fleece instead of batting and fabric to back some “cuddle quilts”.  If you’d like to try the same method keep your eyes open for fleece blankets or throws marked down after New Years and in late winter.  I got some nice ones a few years ago for a remarkably low price!  Now that I use them for making “cuddle quilts” I probably would buy quite a few if they had workable colors. :-)  NOTE: Even if you don’t sew or quilt, marked down fleece throws and blankets make nice gifts for various occasions, so don’t pass them up just because you don’t want them for sewing.  If you don’t quilt you might get them in several of the same color or large enough to make garments and other fleece items.

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