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Friday, December 4, 2015

How Polyester Is Made

Last Friday we learned how Polyester Fleece is made.  This week we’re learning how polyester fabric itself is made from plastic bottles.  Polyester becomes many things besides fleece.  Some of them are used often in sewing and crafts.  It is mixed with cotton in some fabrics to reduce wrinkling.  It is made into a number of other types of fabrics as well.  It is made into threads and yarns of various types.

Did you know that some people are intolerant of wearing polyester on their skin?  I am one of them.  I can wear it only in limited amounts.  My dad used to tune pianos and he had a customer who told the horrible story of how his wife developed a terrible intolerance or allergy to polyester after wearing in constantly for some years.  Her whole body broke out in a bad rash and it really affected her health.  At the time my dad met them she was having to wear only clothing made from all natural fibers.  Recycling plastic is a worthy cause, but the fibers God created are the best after all is said and done. :-)

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