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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Birthday Greetings to You!

Today is my birthday so, as a greeting to you, my valued readers, I thought I'd share a very few favorites with you.

My favorite book: The King James Version of the Bible.

My favorite poet: Annie Johnson Flint.

One of my favorite poems:

Show Us Thy Grace

Show us our need, O Lord; how lost, how hopeless,
How poor, how sunk in sin our carnal hearts;
Show us how vain to change our sad condition,
Our best endeavor and our utmost arts;
Show us how weak we are, and how dependent,
How multiplied defeats our pride abase;
And then -- O Lord, lest we despair too wholly --

Show us Thy grace!

Show us Thy grace, the great, the all-sufficient,
Infinite riches for our poverty,
Mercy of God for uttermost salvation,
Weapon that turns defeat to victory;
Gladness unspeakable and full of glory,
Beyond our needs, a vast unmeasured space.
Lord, as we never yet have seen or known it,

Show us Thy grace!

- Annie Johnson Flint

One of my (many) favorite quotes:

There are many of us that are willing to do great things for the Lord, but few of us are willing to do little things. -- Dwight L. Moody

One of my favorite hymns, sung by the John Marshall Family who were my favorite Christian singing group. Words by Frances Ridley Havergal.

One of my favorite verses - one among many:


  1. Happy birthday, Mary!! I hope you are having a wonderful day! :-)♥
    That is a beautiful song! I don't think I've ever heard it before. I can't find it in any of the hymnals I have, though. :-( I will keep looking!
    I hope you have a great week!
    Take care,

    1. Thank you, Melanie. We actually spent a good portion of the morning preparing for a severe storm and then in our tornado shelter. Thank the Lord we didn't have anything larger than pea sized hail, and we only had a few branches knocked down - none hit the houses! Thankfully, I felt well enough in the evening that we were able to make it to our church's evening meeting. :-)

      The older version of this song is in a hymn book by Ira Sankey called 1200 Sacred Songs and Solos, or something like that. It is a different tune than this. You can find the music for it here: http://www.hymnary.org/text/i_could_not_do_without_thee

      You can find sheet music for sale for this more modern version here: http://www.beckenhorstpress.com/i-could-not-do-without-thee/

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope you're doing well. :-)

    2. Oh my, I'm so glad you and your family are OK!! Tornadoes are what I dislike most. There's little warning, and they can be so unpredictable.
      Thank you for the links! I didn't know about those websites.:-) I'm looking forward to seeing what they have!

    3. I don't like tornadoes either! Here in Texas we are also prone to large hail. Just a couple weeks ago they had baseball sized hail near Dallas.

      I hope you find some music that is a blessing to you at those sites. :-)

  2. Happy birthday! I hope you have a blessed day and get to celebrate in a special way! :)

    1. Thank you! We celebrated on Saturday, which was really good since Sunday morning we had a severe storm and spent part of it in our shelter. Thank the Lord the rest of the day was restful, and I felt well enough to make it to our church's evening meeting. :-) So, the day ended very well. :-)

  3. Happy birthday, Mary!! Thank you for blessing me with your insights and comments over the year. Praying for health and God's rich blessings for you!!

    1. Thank you so much, Di, for the birthday greetings and the encouragement! Thank you also for praying. I have to admit that sometimes I struggle with becoming weary in well-doing with this work. It is good to know others are praying for it and me.