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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Random Evening – for a change


This evening I like the…
Smell of… my own house.
Sound of… my husband puttering at his computer in the same room with me. :-)
Taste of… raw milk and honey, which I’ve been thinking about for awhile now.
Sight of… our bed, which I cannot see from here, but which sounds really nice about now.
Feel of… being at the end of the day.

Good Things about Today:

I LOVE this kind of fall weather!!! :-)  I had a good walk and talk with my mom and sister-in-law.  My husband is safely home. 

Somehow, this fall I am not experiencing the intense dread of winter that I’ve had in recent years.  I am Very Thankful to the Lord for this!  Maybe – maybe – I’m learning a little bit not to fear the passing of time!

Things Already Accomplished Today:

Too much to mention – ok, I wish. :-)  But – some things that I wanted to get done, though not all.  Some cleaning, some reading, some resting, some visiting, some planning, some computer work and loafing, some cooking, some laundry. :-)

Things that Need to Be Done – Hopefully Today:

Make a lunch for my husband for tomorrow.  Go to bed!  (It’s nearly bed time, people!) :-)

Random Photo from My World:

Delicious Pecan Pie Muffins that my husband made a couple weekends ago!  (Thanks to “Ranch Wife” at “Lovin’ Life At the End of the Dirt Road” for sharing the recipe.)

Thought for Today:

God made autumn glorious so that we would remember that not all death is hideous.  Some things, and people, pass with great glory.

Verse for Today:

Ecclesiastes 7:8  Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.


  1. Those muffins look very nice:)) and I plan to keep that recipe. My husband doesn't like cakes/muffins so I make him biscuits (cookies) instead - these will be for me!!

    I have been wanting to do the washing but the weather can't make up its mind up with the rain and wind - tomorrow is looking like a good day!

    1. If your husband tries these muffins he might actually like them. They are almost a cross between a muffin and a cookie in some ways. Don't tell him how good they are if you want them for yourself. :-) hehe