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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Memories of Great Meals – Devonshire Tea at the Lookout Café In Queensland, Australia


While we were visiting Australia with my parents they got to enjoy some lovely Devonshire tea out at a small country café near the Glass House Mountains.   My Aussie brother and his wife treated them to this pleasant Australian custom while we were on a sight seeing excursion.

I love the red lid on the one pot.  I think that just adds a spark of nice color along with the tea tags, and it matched my mom’s outfit! :-)

The scones, cream and strawberry jam were delicious.  My parents kindly shared their “extra” with us and my brother and his wife. :-)  We’d all had an excellent lunch first, so they were already fairly full before the tea was served.

This photo was taken by my brother or sister-in-law. :-)

The magpies, who came to lunch in their tuxedoes, were pests and there were spray bottles on the tables to use in case they became too bold inviting themselves to lunch.  They didn’t bother us, but I did get another kind of shot at one. :-)


There was also another kind of well-dressed bird in evidence.

Bird of Paradise

Before we left the kangaroos came out in a group in the mango grove below!  Only one managed to get out in the sun where I could get a good shot of him.

And, I found a cotton apron there! :-) :-)

The two ladies who were running the place were very friendly, despite being very busy and warm that afternoon.  This one was wearing a vintage cotton apron.  Sadly, I didn’t catch her name.  She was kind enough to let me take a photo for you all. :-)


  1. It looks like you had a lovely time - I do enjoy a good Devonshire tea and yours does look very nice. We were chased by a kangaroo on Sunday when we were trying to release an echidna that had wandered into our front yard. We didn't hang around long and ran back to the car as kangaroos can punch with their legs and cause damage to humans.

    1. They enjoyed it very much and we enjoyed our share. :-)

      Yes, we heard about kangaroos being dangerous. These were far from the customers at this cafe. :-)

  2. Its one of those posts again that makes me happy. So sweet memories :)

  3. Lovely post about a lovely day. Great photos! xx

  4. Thank you for sharing your pictures. It looks like you all had a wonderful time! :-)

    1. Thanks for commenting. We had some great adventures there. :-)

  5. That was a wonderful experience for us to visit Australia and of course with our family there it made even more special. There were so many other places we would have liked to see, but we felt blessed that we could see as much as we did and meet people who were serving the Lord there.