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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Who Would You Invite for Dinner?


(For some reason I like the blurriness of this photo.  It gives it a foggy look from the past. :-)  My mom is on the left and Gramma is in the middle.)


My friend Jo at Stop…Have A Chat posted this interesting challenge recently and I thought I’d join the fun by making my own list. :-)


You are planning a  dinner party and you are allowed to invite six people that most fascinate you, they need to be famous.

Who are you going to invite?

You need to have a combination of those who are alive today and those who have died?  Please note that you are not allowed to invite people from Biblical times just to make it a little more tricky.


Some of my choices are not “famous” by the world’s standards, but I consider them to be so.

  1. Isobel Kuhn (1901-1957) – missionary to China and author of a number of books. 
  2. Annie Johnson Flint (1866-1932) – a prolific Christian poet.
  3. Nate Saint (1923-1956) – the missionary pilot who flew for the Auca endeavor. He is the subject of the book Jungle Pilot.
  4. Jane Austen (1775-1817) – author of Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion, two books I especially like.  Also, I think it’s likely that she was a Christian.
  5. Amy Gibson (19??-) – one of my favorite quilting personalities.  I think she would probably enjoy this group.
  6. The Lord Jesus (eternity-eternity) – although Bible times people are excluded I’m going to add Him because He is alive today! :-)


Would you like to make a list of six people you’d invite for dinner?  Leave a comment or post it on your own blog.  Please give Jo a link back if you blog about it. :-)


  1. Did you find this difficult? I had lots of people I could have considered but then worried that they might not like each other!! It's important for all your guests to get along!!! You have an interesting list.

    As I never met my grandmothers on either side, both died long ago, I would love to meet both women.

    1. Figuring out someone alive today that could remotely be called famous was the hardest for me - plus it had to be someone who would fit, as you say. I've more or less looked forward to meeting Isobel and Annie for awhile. I borrowed Jane from you because I've enjoyed some of her books very much, and I think there was more to her than just her novels. :-) I picked Nate because I thought I needed some men as well and I so enjoyed reading "Jungle Pilot".

      There are a lot of non-famous people I'd like to invite. I would find it interesting to meet my grandmothers when they were in their thirties or so, just to see what kind of ladies they were then.

  2. Interesting game! I probably would choose George W. Bush, Jesus Christ and Edoardo Filfibigotta (an Italian Christian writer) as the living people, and, among the dead ones, I'd choose Jane Austen (like you!) and my favourite (Christian) philosophers: Ockam and Confucius. What do you think of my list?

    1. Well, I think you'd have an interesting conversation. I'm wondering why you consider Confucius a Christian philosopher.