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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sew Happy Saturday–Testing Fabric In A Room


Sometimes it can be hard to decide if you want a certain color or print in a room.  Like paint and wallpaper, you can add a sample of fabric for awhile to see how you like it.

When I was re-covering my nap time pillow with the white poinsettia fabric (see previous Saturday post) I considered re-covering another sofa cushion in the living room with the half yard I had left.  But, I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted more of that fabric in the living room, so I decided to do a test.

I wrapped the extra fabric round the pillow I was thinking of covering and left it there for awhile.  I looked at it in different lights and just considered it for atmosphere and pop.  I even took pictures, which helped me to see it from a “distance”. 

It looked clean and a little more modern.  It matched the seat cushion very well.  But, somehow it didn’t seem colorful enough for me.  I’ve been wanting to add some brighter colors (in moderation) to the living room to pep it up a little.  This didn’t seem to be serving that purpose.  My husband felt the same way, saying that the leaves stood out too much and not the flowers.  Good point.

So, scratch that one.  I’m glad I didn’t sew first and change my mind later!  The original cushion looks more colorful and so it stays – unless I find something I like better to use for a cover. :-)

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