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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Not What I Expected

Not a recent picture, but this is where my computer still is, and that's the tailbone offending chair.

Psalm 126:3 The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.

So, life has been rather "interesting" lately.

My husband and I had committed to help with a family project - namely helping family move from back East to Texas.  I was kind of overwhelmed by logistics and other aspects of what we were undertaking, but about the time I began to see my way clearing, the Lord gave me another thing to deal with.  An old tailbone injury and some other problems developed which made it very difficult for me to travel in the car even for half an hour.  That was not going to work on a long cross-country trip!  We prayed, did stuff, and prayed some more, and when it didn't resolve we made alternate plans.  I stayed home while he made a fast, straight-through dash across the country, got a little rest, helped load a truck, slept another night and then drove straight through back home.  And, the Lord kept them all safe and helped me have peace while my husband and I were apart overnight for the first time since we were married!

Even more, we now can see a reason for my not going.  Because I wasn't along, the whole trip was much faster than it would have been.  I'm not a stellar traveler even in normal health.  Had we been on the original plan we would not have left to come home till Saturday morning and would have arrived late Sunday night.  Well, it started raining here around 9 a.m. Monday morning!  We would have been interrupted in our unloading at that point and it would've been necessary later in the day to get it all inside pronto when the rain did stop because Monday night we had heavy rain (Praise the LORD!!!).  Because they were able to speed everything up, they arrived here early Saturday, got a little sleep, unloaded the truck and returned it.  Some things sat outside all night and were taken care of Sunday.  A few things were still out Monday morning, but we were able to get the water sensitive things inside just before the rain started!

So, I'm at peace and rejoicing to see how the Lord ordered all our ways and answered some long standing prayers for abundant rain!  I'm also blessed at the level of peace He helped me have while my husband, Peter, was away.  Truly we have been blessed.

But, as a way to keep me from spending too much time in my computer chair where my tailbone is not happy, the Lord also allowed my computer to die the morning my husband left for the trip east. :-)  He has not had time to actually fix it yet as it required new parts.  So, I've been off of it for awhile now.  I had a few posts scheduled ahead, but it's been a challenge to keep up with the new posts not having access to my own computer and usual resources.  So.....please bear with me through this time as there may be some late or missing posts along the way till everything gets fixed.

Ezk. 34:26c ...there shall be showers of blessing.

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