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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sew Happy Saturday - Two Quilt As You Go Tutorials

Chevron Quilt

Here is a tutorial for a chevron quilt done in the quilt as you go method.  (I'm not sure why these are being called chevron these days.  Not that many years ago it would've been called a zigzag quilt.  But, whatever...)

I'm a fan of quilt as you go methods because, though it may take a bit more preparation and more work to get started, in the end you can finish the quilt with no or limited quilting required.  Some methods require no further quilting.  This one requires some, but not as much as would be usual.

Simple Strip Quilt

The second tutorial I'm posting is for a simpler style quilt as you go.  With this one when you're finished sewing on your strips the quilt is done except for rolling up the edges and top stitching.  Very nice. :-)

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