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Friday, April 27, 2012

The thousand word project: …the clouds are the dust of His feet



  1. What a stunning photo, Mary!
    Also, I love that verse - I love the imagery it creates in my mind... There are several ways to think of it, too, I think - clouds (no matter how fierce or beautiful they look) are the *dust* of His feet. That seems to me to speak of His great power, but also possibly of the beauty of heaven - if clouds are like dust, what will heaven look like??? What do you think?

    1. Thanks. :-) That was taken when we lived in Arizona.

      I think those are good thoughts. Clouds are associate with God a lot in scripture. There are so many references in different contexts. I'm guessing that's why pictures of heaven often have a lot of clouds depicted. Also I suspect that this is one reason that the royalty and other important people in Europe back in the old days liked to have clouds in their portraits. There was a lot of effort made to exalt themselves and seem very close to God or generally important. (Been reading a book on the history of the Habsburgs.)

      Also, as amazingly beautiful as clouds are here sometimes, it's hard to even imagine how much more glorious they will be in heaven! I also like to wonder about the emerald rainbow around the throne (Rev. 4:3). And, if there's a rainbow there's probably clouds or mist around the throne too I would guess. :-)